Home Gym Designers in Chennai

Home gyms are a wonderful luxury if fitness is a priority

Home gyms are a wonderful luxury if fitness is a priority. The freedom and flexibility offered by building a gym or exercise room at home is a great investment, and will soon recoup its worth in gym memberships. Home gym ideas might conjure up images of exercise bikes, treadmills and heavy weights, but if that isn’t your thing it can really be as simple as having an open, airy, mirrored studio in which to practice yoga or pilates.

The first consideration for fitting a home gym is finding the space, the second is working out how this space will accommodate the gym equipment that you require. You may have a spare room, loft, basement or garage that can be fitted for purpose, but there’s more to a home gym than just bringing in the right equipment – you will want to consider hygiene, ventilation, your home gym flooring and ease of movement around the space. Try looking through the photos from design professionals for home gym ideas and inspiration on how to furnish and decorate your home gym, and filter by style, budget, size, type, flooring and colours to find designs that could work for you.

The equipment you should invest in for your home gym will depend on whether you are a cardio or weights lover, and there are home gym ideas for every budget varying from the humble skipping rope, to medicine balls, dumbbells and weight benches, or go all out with a state-of-the-art multi gym and motorised treadmills or cross-trainers. If your workouts don’t involve equipment, a bright studio space will offer the perfect environment for exercise – just add your yoga mat, a ballet barre or soft stretching area to your home gym and you’ll have all you need. If you really want to go all out, and dance is your typical workout of choice, you might even consider a sprung floor. The home gym is the one room where mirrors aren’t for vanity, so install a mirrored wall so you can keep proper form whilst exercising.

Before bringing any large scale equipment into the room and dreaming up grandiose home gym ideas, take into account how much weight your floors can take. Unless your gym is on the ground floor, you may need to strengthen your home gym flooring. Suspending timber floors may need reinforcing, and outdoor buildings such as sheds will need a minimum of 150mm joists to support equipment. If in any doubt, consult a structural engineer – nothing interrupts a workout like falling through your home gym floor! When it comes to the covering, vinyl, rubber and foam tiles or interlocking floor mats are all good options for home gym flooring as they provide spring and a soft surface if you are in contact with the floor often.

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